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This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.

Do you remember the scene in Finding Nemo where the fish jam up their aquarium filter to get their dentist owner to clean the tank? That scene always makes me think of kidneys – because without them, our bodies would become rapidly overloaded with waste products, just like that dirty aquarium water! 


Are you a camper? Or, does your family want you to be? My idea of roughing it is a limited-service hotel. But, my husband and son have determined this is the year they’ll win me over to being in the great outdoors for longer than just a barbecue.

I’ve done some camping “research” (ok, mainly asking friends and watching shows like Running with Bear Grylls). Still, I’m sharing 4 tips to make camping more tolerable, oops…I mean more enjoyable.


Did you know there were only about 17 million people over 65 in 1960? Currently, there are about 56 million. 

Advancements in healthcare and medical technology all but guarantee you’ll live longer than your great grandparents. If you’re going to live that long, you should be healthy and have a great quality of life, right? As Clint Eastwood said, “…you've gotta ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” (By the way, my friend Clint, turns a spry and eternally-cool 84 this week!)


This is a guest post by Dr. Val Jones who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.

The spleen has been the target of much ridicule, made fun of by medical students and dismissed as nothing more than a "graveyard for red blood cells." In the Middle Ages, the spleen was associated with melancholy, and in more modern times, anger (perhaps you've heard the expression "vent your spleen" – which means to let your anger out). 

If you were a spleen, you'd probably have some serious self-esteem issues.


Have you ever worn braces? I’d guess most of us have either had braces or have a friend or family member who has. Those of us who’ve worn them know it can be an uncomfortable time – both physically (power chains anyone?) and emotionally (it’s embarrassing to have a mouth full of metal!). 


Are you familiar with TED Talks? TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. They hold conferences all over the world with speakers that address a wide range of science and culture topics. Sound boring? It’s NOT! The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in an innovative and engaging way, so they're rarely boring and they really keep your attention because they're short. The website says "1500+ talks to stir your curiosity" and it's very true! 

Anywhoo, let’s talk about stress!  


This is a guest post by Dr. Kent W. Davidson, M.D who works with our Doctors Online partners at eDocAmerica.


Everybody loves a hero - a person who does something remarkable and completely unselfish. When applauded for his or her efforts, this person humbly says, “I just did what anyone would do.” The truth is, not everyone acts heroically, even when it costs nothing and there’s no risk in doing so. Hopefully that will change after you read this article!


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