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Do you have a Facebook page? Most business owners can give a quick answer to this question. But, what about the next one: What’s your social media plan?


How many Benefits Administration systems did you work with last year versus 5 years ago? Like you, I’ve seen a few different companies with multiple options in my career – I’ve seen a lot more in recent years. They’re getting smarter and more efficient.


The above stat from a recent survey says a lot about how today’s health plans have a direct impact on the financial wellness of the end user – the employee. Maybe when you think about “financial wellness,” your brain immediately jumps to “wellness programs” that help employees stay fiscally sound. Or, perhaps, a program to save employees a couple bucks on their gym membership.


With skyrocketing healthcare costs, how can employers afford employee coverage and still offer dependent benefits? This is a very real challenge facing employers today. 


Can I tell you a quick story? You’ve probably heard something similar…and with the trend toward shrinking formularies, you’ll likely hear it more.


Now that we’re into a new year, it’s a season when many employee benefit consultants turn their sights to earning new clients. Do you still chase new business? Simply getting your foot in the door can be the ticket to earning a group's business, even if they already have a broker. The challenge becomes: how do you get them to open the door?


I recently wrote an article called Branding Your Agency: 4 Rules to Live By. This is a follow-up with more “how to” tips to help. I’m repeating the beginning of that article here because the pre-work to branding and advertising is SO important…  


In a recent post about the ongoing EpiPen pricing saga, I suggested that a case study might be unfolding before our eyes: for the first time I can remember, “consumerism” actually seems to be influencing health care prices. This is part two of that story.



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