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Practical tools to control your healthcare (and more)...
in one easy membership

Control your Dime
Control your Time
Control your Peace of mind

Practical tools to control your healthcare (and more)... in one easy membership 2

Control your Dime 2
Control your Time 2
Control your Peace of mind 2

Healthcare options are shrinking.
Out-of-pocket costs are skyrocketing.
The system is confusing.

freshbenies gives the most control in the most ways with up to 9 concierge services - in one easy membership. Members save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their family's healthcare (and more).

Our Services

These 9 services provide access to care & support that saves hard cash.
Click any service below for details.
Doctors Online
Prescription savings
Legal Savings
Pet Care Savings
Dental Savings
Vision Savings
Your 24/7/365 Dr. BFF!

Did you know up to 70% of medical issues can be solved over the phone? Call a doctor (US-based) anytime, & get a prescription written, if medically needed. No visit fee when you kidding!

Doctors Online
Get specialist!

Stop searching the web for bad advice. Get personal answers to medical questions within a few hours. Email 24 physician specialties including psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians (and more).

Your friend in the insurance industry!

How much will your medical procedure cost? Where can you find a quality provider? Were you billed correctly? Call your personal Advocate to get answers to these questions, negotiate bills on your behalf and more.

Prescription savings
Get your drug on sale

Use this service to save an average 46% at most pharmacies nationwide including CVS and Walgreens. Use our pricing tool to easily compare and find the best deal in your area.

More detection. More protection.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Look to the industry leader with over 4.4 million members. Choose from Individual and Family memberships.

Legal Savings
High legal costs? We object!

Get peace of mind with 9 free services, deeply discounted rates for common legal issues, and 40% off the hourly rate from the country’s largest legal savings network. Case closed! 

Pet Care Savings
Pets are family, too.

Affordable pet care is possible with our pet insurance alternative. Save on vet services and everything else for your pet(s) including boarding, training, pet-sitting, grooming, pet food, medications, vitamins and more at thousands of providers nationwide.

Dental Savings
Smile at the savings!

Get amazing discounts on everything from dental cleanings, whitening and root canals to braces and more at thousands of available dental practice locations nationwide.

Vision Savings
See and be seen!

Get amazing discounts on everything from vision exams, brand name eyewear and contacts to LASIK and more — at thousands of providers nationwide, including national chains and local retailers.

How can freshbenies help you?

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Are you looking to differentiate plan design strategies? Learn how a simple solution with practical tools can help your clients control healthcare costs.

I'm a Broker

Are you looking for a fresh approach to benefits? Discover a simple solution to help control skyrocketing healthcare costs for you and your employees.

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Do you want more control of your healthcare? Discover new ways to get medical help and save on your out-of-pocket costs for your family.

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What our customers say

We serve thousands of brokers, employers, and members.
Here's what a few have to say...
Jeff from TX
Jeff from TX
freshbenies member

I needed an MRI and knew the prices varied wildly from location to location. I called the Advocate and asked them to do some research in my local area. I received an email with 3 different locations and the pricing for each. The prices varied from $450 to over $1000, I'm really glad I called before blindly walking into the higher priced location!

Tanya Boyd
Tanya Boyd
President, Tanya Boyd and Associates

This has been a relationship that I would consider close to perfect from my perspective as a broker. freshbenies continues to exceed my expectations & they have proven themselves to be one of the most beneficial & trusted partners...

Haley Archer, City of Roanoke
freshbenies employer

If you’re thinking about adding freshbenies to your benefit package, DO IT!! Our employees love the services...In the first several months, our organization and employees saved approximately $50,000 in healthcare expenses by using freshbenies. They make their services easy to use from the app or their website - and are there to help every step of the way!

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Benefits Pro
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