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Have you ever ridden a roller coaster with an automated camera that takes your picture at a dramatic point of the ride? Your photo is displayed on a screen when you exit. This happened to me and what I saw on the screen was MUCH scarier than the ride itself – it was my scalp! 


How many times have you felt like you were sitting in front of a doctor who could care less about you and your symptoms? Have you ever moved to a new city and dreaded the hunt for a family doctor? I have.


This is a guest post by Dr. Anita Bennett MD with


How many times a week do you work out? This question often stirs up a mixed bag of feelings and responses. Most people I know find the task of working out to be quite difficult to accomplish. Many of us are successful in our career pursuits; however, we face tradeoffs when it comes to our physical fitness.


How can another year be coming to an end already? That means it’s time for our traditional “best of” list recapping our top 2018 articles. 

So, take a few minutes to catch some of our top tips for controlling your healthcare (and more). Here we go….


Where did the year go? Every December, I ask myself this same question while thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish, but didn’t. Sound familiar? 

As I think about my goals, weight loss and improving my general health is at the top of the list. Here I go again. Every year the same goal. Don’t you hate that little voice in your head? 

So often we overwhelm ourselves with a goal we really want by expecting too much too soon. Today, I’m sharing 3 tips I’m learning to make health, or other improvements, one step at a time!


No, the title of my article is not a typo or a weird loophole. This is a story about real savings, based on having an educated conversation with my doctor. 


Did you ever take a class in school that seemed too good to be true? My college had (and still has) one of the top-rated hospitality programs in the country. One of the courses offered was Beer & Wine Tasting. My degree was in psychology, but I needed a social credit and this counted...score! 

We learned about the different regions, varietals, and even health benefits of wine. While it’s definitely true I received credit for this course, there are arguments on both sides of the table concerning the genuine health benefits of wine.  


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