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Do you have OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)?  Do you pine (pun intended!) over making the holidays a "perfect" experience for everyone in your life?

I think a lot of people do this and then stress-out looking for the perfect gifts (wrapped to perfection), decorating the house impeccably (inside and outside), attending every party (wearing the perfect dress and toting the perfect hostess gift), sending a hundred Christmas cards (BEFORE Christmas), preparing immaculate meals (worthy of a Food Channel feature), gaining a few extra pounds (maybe more than a few), etc., etc., etc.


My father was a Christmas Tree Farmer. When I was a kid and guests came to our small town in the Canadian Rockies, they would get "The Tour". 

My Dad would drive people through the woods and pour out his life-long passion of growing and harvesting the best trees possible. You’d be amazed at his knowledge of and passion for Christmas trees!


Have you heard about this “Fiscal Cliff” thing?!  It sounds scary!   

So, what is it?  In a nutshell, it's a term that describes the financial difficulties our country could face as a result of some pending legislative changes. Unless lawmakers decide to make a change by 1/1/13, a number of tax increases and spending cuts will go into effect and they are expected to weigh heavily on the economy.  


Have you seen previews for the new movie Identity Thief? It looks hilarious! 

Jason Bateman plays a well-mannered businessman who learns his identity has been stolen. He hits the road in an attempt to foil the thief and lands in the path of a deceptively harmless-looking woman played by Melissa McCarthy (from Bridesmaids). While the movie promises to be a gut-buster, identity theft is serious and scary when it happens to you or someone you love!  


Do you remember when you were a kid and our mom would call your family doctor to discuss symptoms over the phone? The doctor would prescribe a course of treatment and sometimes call in a prescription to the local pharmacy, right? Why doesn't that happen anymore? In a nutshell: because healthcare has changed!


“It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!” You probably heard this from your mom when you were a kid. Do you find yourself repeating this rich tradition with your kids? The last thing on your mind at the time was probably vision insurance.

It’s open enrollment time for many employees and vision benefits might be one of your choices. Let’s be honest: most of us would rather poke our eye with a stick than go through the selection process!  


Wondering why 2pac is the image for this post?  Read on....

Are you experiencing annual enrollment for health insurance right about now?  Many are, so last week, we started this series on tips for saving on healthcare costs!

Click here to read the intro and the 3 tips from our first post in this series!  

Here’s 3 more tips….


4. Know the coverage and benefits of your plan


Let’s admit – it might be less painful to have a root canal than wade through a dental insurance decision!

For those who get insurance through an employer, it’s open enrollment time. You’re being handed the health insurance menu of options. For those who purchase your own insurance – you have more options, but fewer good ones. 


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