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Empower your clients with a benefit that cuts
healthcare costs and confusion one easy membership

Advocacy, telehealth, behavioral telehealth, savings networks and more


As a benefits consultant, you’re doing more than ever to
keep and win business.

Your clients need better pricing, expanded servicing and solutions that deliver results.
You deserve a partner who works as hard as you do to help deliver a better benefit
experience to your clients and their employees - plus alleviates pressure
from your internal team.

Million Dollar


freshbenies has helped hundreds of agencies and thousands of employers maximize
their benefits package to save $100 million in healthcare costs - and the confusion
that comes with it.

Heres How We Do It

Why should I partner with freshbenies?

Staying competitive without burning out your team is a real concern. A trusted
partner is a game-changer
Control Your Dime

Every freshbenies use delivers bottom-line savings. That’s why all packages include the freshbenies Member Engagement System to drive industry-leading utilization.

Don’t take our word for it! freshbenies has received two Health Value Awards from the Validation Institute for ROI delivered through our Advocacy and Telehealth services. freshbenies is honored to be recognized as one of the top cost containment tools in the country.

Case Study
Get real-life case studies to see how freshbenies 
empowers employers and their teams to cut 
healthcare costs and confusion.

Be confident your clients have terrific services that maximize the thousands spent on the medical plan - without putting the business at risk. You’ll be the hero.


What our partners say

We're committed to working through health insurance brokers. 
Here's what a few of our industry partners have to say...
Tanya Boyd
Tanya Boyd
President, Tanya Boyd and Associates

This has been a relationship that I would consider close to perfect from my perspective as a broker. freshbenies continues to exceed my expectations & they have proven themselves to be one of the most beneficial & trusted partners...

JC Cole
JC Cole
AG Insurance Agencies, Inc

freshbenies has been a fantastic partner - implementation is smooth. Employee engagement and data analytics make freshbenies the complete tool to lower the medical loss ratio for employers.

Kevin Trokey
Kevin Trokey
Partner & Coach - Q4intelligence

...few brokers understand the value of aligning themselves with their client’s strategy. The most sophisticated brokers are using freshbenies as a partner to bring a profound impact to the very core of their client’s businesses....In a time of unprecedented disruption in the market, it is this type of value that will ensure a broker’s continued relevance.

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