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I’ve attended multiple employee benefits industry conferences this year and I always get questions about how brokers and agencies can become better marketers.


What was your first experience at a large industry convention? I just attended my first National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) convention this week and it definitely did not disappoint. From legislative updates and professional development to networking and awards celebrations, it was a full event. 

But, the most amazing aspect was seeing our association grapple with the current industry challenges and discuss innovative solutions. 

I’m sharing our team’s top seven takeaways from this year’s NAHU convention…


Twenty years ago, I joined the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). A year later I traveled to Washington D.C. for the first time to attend their annual "Capitol Conference."


I don’t get a chance to attend a ton of insurance conferences, but I always love to go! It gives me a chance to hear what’s going on in the industry, and to meet up with our clients, vendors and brokers.

The Texas Association of Health Underwriters conference was last week and we took some of our newer marketing and service team members so they could have a chance to do the same.


Have you heard of They create more, shall we say, “direct,” catchphrases for well-known companies. For instance, WebMD’s honest slogan is, “Convince yourself you have a terminal illness” – so true! For LinkedIn, they’ve come up with, “Connect with people for no good reason at all.”

A few years ago, I would’ve agreed. I’ve been a LinkedIn member since 2007 and have really only been using LinkedIn as an online resume and a place to connect with other professionals – again, for no real reason other than it might come in handy someday.


What would we do without Google? It's the world’s greatest encyclopedia. There's nothing you can’t find with a simple Google search.  


“Piece of cake,” I thought when I was asked a few weeks ago to write an article in early October about the upcoming presidential election. I was confident that, one month before Election Day, we’d have a pretty good idea who our next president will be and how his or her proposals will affect the health insurance industry. Boy was I wrong.


In addition to the premium tax credits that people have heard a lot about, the Affordable Care Act also created “cost sharing reductions” (CSRs) to help low-income individuals pay their out-of-pocket expenses. Before President Obama left office, then-Speaker John Boehner and the Republican congress sued the president over these cost-sharing subsidies, saying that Congress had not authorized the payments his administration was making to insurers.


Are you freshbenies member?

Leana from PA

I was sick for over 3 weeks and nothing was helping. I learned my employer gave us freshbenies for free so I tried it.

I was able to set an appointment time for a doctor to call me (since I was at work).

I got the call in 10 minutes and had the cough meds and an antibiotic sent right over to my pharmacy. 

The doctor that helped me was super friendly and even had me laughing a few times. This is such a great service :)