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This is a guest post by Dr. Kent W. Davidson M.D of edocAmerica.

Terms used by lay individuals to designate certain medical conditions can vary significantly from those used by medical professionals.  Similarly, certain conditions widely accepted by the general public may or may not have the same degree of acceptance in the medical world. Today's Health Tip looks at some of these terms and conditions to try to separate myth from fact.

Brain freeze


The U.S. healthcare industry is weird. Virtually every American has health insurance in some form or another, and yet the vast majority of us don’t actually know what it does or how to use it wisely.


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of money being wasted!


This is a guest post by Dr. Kent W. Davidson M.D of edocAmerica.


There we were - sitting at the dinner table discussing our day. My wife glanced over at her reflection in the window and proclaimed, “People keep asking me if I pregnant! I just can’t lose my pregnancy weight!” We had just welcomed baby #2 ten months earlier - as any loving husband would respond, I agreed with her and said “Well, you might be!”


When do your kids start school? As the school year begins, millions of parents (me included) are quietly rejoicing at the return to sanity!


I have 4 kids. I used to get lost in a medical maze of terror when some weird symptom came up - which would be just about every day in my family. How about you? An online doctor consultation would be a welcome relief, right? Maybe you’re dealing with a migraine (again), or maybe your kid has a weird rash. It’s all too easy to get lost, hitting that Google search button over and over again or scrolling through endless terrifying articles.  


I recently went on a trip to New Orleans. One day the temperature was 90 degrees with a “feels like” of 106. However, because I decided not to check my luggage, bringing sunscreen wasn’t an option. So, I made sure I stayed in the shade as much as possible. I still got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders since I didn’t follow the appropriate guidelines (more on that later). 


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